How to Add a Link to an Instagram Story | Why Stories are so important?

How to Add a Link to an Instagram Story

How to Add a Link to an Instagram Story


How to Add a Link to an Instagram Story? You still wonder what all the fuzz with the Stories on Instagram is. You don’t know the difference between a Story and a regular post? Here, in this essay, we are going to explore what is the Story and how it could be weaponized to promote our friends and brand products. You are asking how? By adding a link to your Story. It’s definitely a great idea since it has worked and had huge benefits for businessmen all over the world.

Here you and this shocking title from, ‘The top nine Instagram Stories statistics that show it massive influence’. This article shows how robust Stories are, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The story is in fact a two years old feature, but it comes with the addition of features like the sticker, emoji slider, question, and other new stickers and filters.

Why Stories are so important?

Instagram Stories were thought to be a complete failure like what happened to Snapchat knockoff. However,How to Add a Link to an Instagram Story Stories are one of the unique characteristics of Instagram and expanding really quickly. In addition, it is not just ordinary Instagram users who enjoy being entertained by Stories. Today, content creators, businesses, and advertisers have fallen in love with the Stories. Here are some reasons to start believing Stories:

– Instagram Stories are usually watched by approximately 400 million people every day.

– Nearly 40% of people who have active profiles on Instagram post Stories on a regular basis.

– Because of the Stories, people spend time usually half an hour more than before Stories existed.

– It has remarkable economic values since around 30% of most-viewed Instagram Stories rooted in business accounts.

– It increases the ROI rate of Instagram pages since Instagram users have said they are more likely to buy a product if it’s being shown through Stories.

There is much more to it, but I guess these statistics are enough to convince you of designing a Story and posting it right now. What would be even cooler? Adding a link to your Instagram Stories! How, is that possible? Wait! It’s not as easy as you think. How to Add a Link to an Instagram Story have the right conditions to be able to add a link. Let see what are these conditions?

Does everybody add a link to her/his Stories?

You can add a link to your Story under these two circumstances:

– You must have more than 10000 followers in your profile which is not easy to achieve!

– You also need to be a verified account. So, you are basically either a public figure or represent a distinguishable brand.

If you have the condition to be able to add a link to your Stories, just follow the steps as follows:

– First, open Instagram installed on your phone

– You will be directed to the Story section by swiping left.

– You see the title ‘Insert Link’ option at the top. The icon looks like a chain.

– Drag or copy your link and then hit ‘Done’.

– Now it’s time to share your story just like when you share it without any links.

– ‘See More’ option is going to appear at the bottom of your story so you could check your Stories status.

What do only people with more than 10K can add links to their Stories?

You might think it’s unfair to let just profiles with more than 10K people can add a link to their Stories, but is it? Why Instagram would limit its users? Experts believe Instagram has had a pretty good reason for not activating link option in the Stories for profiles with less than 10K followers. By doing so, Instagram will make sure that the core users are not going to be distracted by external links attached to the Stories and they will engage with their likes, comments, and shares within the app not anywhere else. On the other hand, Instagram makes the option of adding a link to the Stories available for profiles assigned to popular brands so that they could establish their sales/marketing activities from the app.

What if you have less than 10K followers?

Is it possible for your profile with less than 10K followers to exploit links? No in your stories, but YES by the option ‘Link in Bio’. It is also possible to put your links in the comment section which is not very efficient when it comes to mass advertisements. So, what are you waiting for? You can start adsorbing more and more followers until adding a link is your Stories wouldn’t be only a dream!

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