How to AddCreate a Location on Instagram | How to add a location?

How to AddCreate a Location on Instagram

How to AddCreate a Location on Instagram


How to AddCreate a Location on Instagram? You might create a page on Instagram to just have fun. You want to share your ideas, chat with your friends, and get to know new people, but this is not probably true for most people on Instagram. Many people are on Instagram to promote their brands or products and encourage people to join them. Why is that? What is so special about Instagram that adsorbs businessman to advertise their products? Let’s find out!

Today, Instagram has more than 1 billion users with more than 500 million surfing daily. It creates an excellent opportunity for businesses to thrive and promote. Running a business on Instagram is a win-win situation for Instagram founders as well as businessmen since everybody takes its share! Who doesn’t want to take advantage of Instagram?! The answer is simple! No one!

Why adding location is important?

OK! Let say you are running a restaurant in Madrid, Spain. Many tourists are going to visit Madrid in the summer and you are looking for ways to be known and recognized by them. Of course, you can start creating an Instagram page and attracting followers. So far, so good! But how an American tourist is supposed to find your restaurant on a busy day in Madrid? When you post something, you will announce where you are and where people can find you, but is it enough? If you want a more specific and accurate way of giving the address of your restaurant, location tagging provided by Instagram is at your service! Locations are shown at the top of every post once you publish them, right underneath the username of the brand. In this way, you won’t need to mention your location in the caption. Besides, adding location is one way to prove people your business is discoverable and reliable.

Let me just give you this piece of information! You might be still skeptical about the real power of adding location to your posts on Instagram! If yes, just check this out! According to statistics, if you add a location to your posts including pictures, videos, stories, etc., you are 79% more likely to receive higher engagement than contents without a tagged location.

One great example of this is Bonbon Balloons. It is a creative luxury balloon company based in South East London. Created by Rebecca Thomas nearly ten years ago. It posts contents on its Instagram page, adding locations from all over the world! It may sound simple, but people will understand how international they have got and how their Instagram followers  are engaging and sharing their Bonbon Balloons-related experiences across the world. That’s amazing!

Different types of location tagging

First, let’s be clear about location tagging. What is that? How many types does it have? As we mentioned earlier, Instagram locations are, as calls it, geotagged locations to your Instagram posts. These locations are categorized into two different types.

Locations on Instagram can be geographic. For example, you can add the name of the country, city, zone, area, etc. to your posts. However, locations can be the place of an actual business like Amir Chocolate, Koroush Mall, etc. what is happening upon geotagging is it makes Instagram collects the latitude and longitude of your current location when you take a picture. A GPS device in your gadget is responsible for collecting this information.

How to AddCreate a location on Instagram?

You need to go through several steps. First, you decide to post a picture or video. You then start editing, filtering, and cropping it. After that, you can add a caption as you wish and tag people. You can also share your post simultaneously on Facebook, Twitter, and other social network platforms. Then, Instagram will automatically suggest you several locations. If you are happy with one of them, choose and it’s done. However, if you didn’t find the title you are looking for, you can tap on the sign > for more options. Finally, when you are pleased with the location, just post your picture or video as usual. It was pretty simple, wasn’t it? Be careful, it is also possible to addcreate a location on Instagram to your story since there is the square face icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen with a Location sticker. Then, you should specify your location and its don!

I’m sure you have already convinced that tagging is a pretty good idea which improves your profile’s engagement. So, what are you waiting for? Start exploiting this option right now! Post something and tag your location!

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