How to Advertise on Instagram | This is a one million dollar question!

How to Advertise on Instagram

How to Advertise on Instagram


How to Advertise on Instagram ? This is a one million dollar question! Answering this question hasn’t been easy and got even harder with the rise of different social networking platforms. I’m going to completely understand you if you get confused and overwhelmed by the huge diversification of social network sites! Facebook, YouTube, Instagram,…the list continues…which one is the best for advertising? Is there a way to make sure our product is seen by its target audience as we wish? Yes, indeed! Experts are constantly comparing different social networks to settle down this question once for all!

Why Instagram is the best choice for advertising?

Check out why Instagram must be your final goal for introducing your business. Here are the reasons:

–         Popularity: Instagram was established in 2013. Back then, it had only 90 million users. It’s been under constant and gigantic improvement. No wonder, the number of users reached more than I billion users. Wow! It’s just jaw-dropping, isn’t it? The more user you have, the more chance your followers will have to expand their business! Remarkably, 500 millions of these users check Instagram every day! The last updates show that Instagram is placed in the third rank after Facebook and YouTube with more than one billion monthly active users!

–         Instagram, Facebook, like sisters: both Instagram and Facebook are owned by the same group of people. How would this help you to advertise? Instagram and Facebook are connected and advertising is roughly the same in them, accordingly, you don’t need to waste time learning how to advertise on Instagram.

–         Not annoying advertisements: ads. on Instagram doesn’t usually bother users. They have the potential to be skipped if the user wants.

–         One of the best ROI: the return of investment (ROI), according to Wikipedia, is implemented to assess the productivity of an advertisement or to compare the efficiencies of different investments. Instagram has always been one of the top three social networks concerning the value of its ROI.

–         Brand awareness vs. likes, comments, and follower counts: unlike other social networks, Instagram checks how much you have been successful, but it doesn’t consider likes, comments, and followers. Instead, it measures brand awareness, which is the extent to which consumers are familiar with the qualities or image of a particular brand of goods or services, according to the Oxford dictionary.

–         Diversity: you can find all sections of industry, including cars, fast food, soft drinks, apparel, retail, luxury, beer, personal care, telcos, technology, oil & gas, financial institutions, and insurance. In some sections like cars, fast food, and soft drinks, apparel and rail nearly all international brands are highly active and advertising themselves. So, it doesn’t matter whether you are running a fast food or an auto-gallery, you have this efficient platform (Instagram) to promote your products.

How to advertise on Instagram?

There are four simple steps to advertise for Instagram followers , as follows:

1. Creating a business page and profile:

this is probably the most important step to start. If you don’t want to waste your money on this, go and create a Facebook page. In this way, you can have a free business profile on Instagram. So, is it that important? Yes! It is very important since the business profile provides some options for you as a businessman to promote and advertise your products more efficiently. For example, you can decide how the customers can reach you, including calling, texting, or emailing. This will be provided by the contact button next to the Following button in the profile information section of the page.

2. Using Ad manager to set up ad:

after creating a business page, you must create your advertisements, taking your objective, target audience, and advertisement format into account. Ad manager, as a robust advertising tool, makes you able to set up, modify, and watch results for all your Instagram campaigns, ad sets, and ads in one place.

3. Payment:

the last step is paying for your advertisements and then hope to get a good result.

Two useful tips for creating Instagram advertisements

Let’s review what you should take into account to maximize your profits:

–         When in Rome, do as the Romans do: Most photos posted on Instagram doesn’t have any texts on them. So, it is much more efficient not to putt any texts on your Instagram advertisements, you know why? Because people will probably realize it is an ad and pass over it. Instead, try to pretend it is just a simple post, then people spend time and pay attention to it.

–         Engage your costumers: when you are designing your ad, consider getting help from your loyal customers. In this way, people would trust you more and start considering buying your products.


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