How to Change Reddit Username | Maintain community Standards

How to Change Reddit Username

How to Change Reddit Username


 How to Change Reddit Username: Reddit is the most popular social sharing website where you can share links, pictures, text, news, and find out various posts and contents. You can vote for other’ posts and vice versa. The most upvoted content will be shown on the top whereas the down-voted contents are away from instant visibility. Reddit is one of the most widely used websites which is divided into thousands of smaller categories called subReddits. You need to create an account with the Reddit to get all the subReddits you like. You are required to provide an E-mail, ID, username, and password to create the Reddit account.

What is a Reddit Display Name?

A Reddit display name is a name used in the Reddit website instead of a username and open to the general public. The user of different websites presents the ability to the user to change the username. However, Reddit doesn’t have this feature and you cannot change it any time you please. There are times when we want to change our username on a website or forum and it happens for different reasons. It is not surprising when you also decide to change your username in Reddit, as most people do. But, unfortunately, it is not as easy as you think.

Reasons to Change a Username or Account Name

As said there are a lot of reasons for this discussion and Reddit has officially said that it is not possible to change the username on Reddit once the account is created this means you cannot modify your username in any way even if you delete a Reddit account you will lose all your data including access to your previous Reddit account and you won’t be able to create another account with the same username so even before thinking about deleting your account please make sure that you will not need it in future.

There are a lot of reasons why you can’t change your Reddit username and here we are listing a few of them.

1) Maintain community Standards

Reddit is a massive community with over a million active users per month contributing to over 1 billion pageviews on Reddit per month. Reddit also ranks as one of the top websites in comparison with Facebook and Google. For such a massive community it is important to keep their discussion platform as clean as possible and one way of doing it is to keep 1 username for one account. In this way, no one can abuse the platform and keep changing their username multiple times to hide their identity. This is one of the reasons why you are not able to “change Reddit username”.

2) To keep your account history and discussions live

A lot of people get into a lot of different discussions on Reddit and your true identity in these discussions is your username. If you are active in any subreddit for a longer time then people will start recognizing you they will start reading your post or comment if they see your username. Even if you delete your Reddit account your posts and comments will not get deleted and they will still be live on the posts and subReddits where you commented or added a post because of this Reddit does not allow you to change Reddit username.

3) Stop misuse of Reddit Usernames

Sometimes a user might delete their Reddit account and if the username is available for registration then someone else can register using that username and start abusing the community pretending to be the previous person. Also, as Reddit does not remove any of your old account’s data there are high chances that Reddit has to delete the data to reassign that username to someone else.

So, Is It Possible to Change Your Username on Reddit?

Unfortunately, Reddit works differently from other websites. According to Reddit, there is no way to change your username. But, if you want to do so, you will need to deactivate your current account and create a new account to register a new username. Sounds okay but it will be a huge disadvantage on your part. Deactivating your account means losing all your connections and the points you have built since day one. You will have to start from the beginning when you decide to create a new account. Even when you try to sign in after deactivating the account, you will no longer have access. But, if you are set to start a new username despite losing your current account, check out the method below how to deactivate your Reddit account and start fresh with a new account name.

Final Thoughts

There is no way you can change your username on Reddit as we have already listed some of the important reasons for that. Even after reading the reasons if you don’t want to continue with that account then the best way is to delete your Reddit account and start over with fresh Email ID and username.

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