How to Get Likes on Instagram | Why Likes are important?

How to Get Likes on Instagram

How to Get Likes on Instagram


How to Get Likes On Instagram : These days, brands are exploiting social media marketing for advertising. Many believe Instagram is one of the best platforms to advertise, but why? What is that this platform has become so famous and popular across the globe? Let’s discuss why!

Only photographs and videos

Instagram, by far, is the most visual social network. You can go to Facebook and Twitter and easily overwhelmed by them since they are foul of texts. Many call Instagram a microblog since it comes with a brilliant visual constituent which forces you to engage and get involved.

Protecting your privacy:

Instagram is superior in terms of privacy! You are asking why? For example, in other platforms like Facebook, if you add someone, they are able to see the content you are sharing. However, Instagram acts differently. If you select to have a private account and start following someone and they accept you, you can see their content. Interestingly, they don’t access to your content, if you don’t follow them back.

Be funnier, younger, etc.:

 you might want to be funny, right? Or you don’t want to look old because of the wrinkles on your skin. Instagram makes it possible for you excellently to use many diverse filters and change your face, the color of your eyes, and even look like puppies, kings, babies, etc.

Share as quickly as possible:

 Instagram lets you share your content very easily with other followers. Not only that! If you are willing to share a post on other platforms like WhatsApp or Telegram, you can do it with no hassle!

Better target market penetration and content display, active users, and encouraging customer participation are other advantages of Instagram over other platforms.

So, we learned that Instagram provides us an excellent atmosphere to thrive! Especially when you are running a business. The statistics show that Instagram gives you the best ROI! What is the ROI? According to, Return on Investment (ROI) is a performance measure applied to assess/compare the efficiency of an investment and a number of different investments. Aside from ROI, the number of Likes received by any content you are sharing is extremely important!

Why Likes are important?

1. So, what Likes actually does is that it lets you create a robust presence on the web. Let see why Likes are important:

2. Online traffic of companies’ websites is enhanced by buying real and active Instagram likes! The more likes you receive, the more chance you have to get more organic followers!

3. Having more followers and accordingly, more Likes are now considered as indicators of the superiority of your brand or company over the others. You might not like this, but this is the reality of social platforms.

4. Want to have a better rank in the eyes of the engine ranking factor? Have more Likes! These engines evaluate the total number of likes you have on your post!

5. Success and complete establishment of your brand are more likely to be affected by the number of Likes! Although it’s true that entrepreneurs and businessmen often are skeptical over the number of Likes as a determining factor, they don’t roll out the potential that Likes have to certify your business.

6. Increasing leads and conversions as well as promoting your brand/product/service are other important consequences of a good number of Likes!

How to get more Likes?

We understood that more Likes is essentially important for your brand/company. How to get more of it? Let’s see:

Take high-quality photos:

 you should look at your subject in the eye. Using plain background, flash outdoors, moving in close and from the middle, locking the focus, knowing your flash’s range, and watching the light should be considered when you want to take a nice picture. Great photos are basically more aesthetically appealing, what does that mean? You guessed it! More likes.

Use filters so they give you a consistent identity:

 you get more likes by using the same set of filters. In this way, you are going to be recognized more on your followers’ feeds and increase recognition by others on the Instagram platform. You can also consider using a toolkit like Instasize Photo Editor + Video.

Don’t limit yourself to Instagram, share your post with other platforms too:

create a link, and share it on Facebook and Twitter. This increases your profile traffic and views.

Using local and popular hashtags, tagging a location, sharing behind-the-scenes photos, partnering with an influencer, and hosting a takeover are some other things for you to think of!

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