How to Increase Instagram Impressions With Instagram Ads

How to Increase Instagram Impressions With Instagram Ads

How to Increase Instagram Impressions With Instagram Ads


How to Increase Instagram Impressions With Instagram Ads : Instagram! It’s fun, entertaining, exciting, and engaging, right? But for many, it’s more important than just having fun! Their life and industry depend on it! This is where they promote people and sell their products to the public. Advertisements purchased by businessmen are shown everywhere which eventually leads to money! In this essay, we are going to dive into the world of advertisements and parameters important to analyze the facts correctly. The difference between impressions and reach is crucial here since the impression is an influential factor in determining whether an advertisement has been successful.

How to Increase Instagram Impressions with Instagram Ads?

Not many years ago we used to get informed on the coolest gadgets and cars and clothes on TV. It was dictating us what is fashionable now and what should be thrown out of your houses! Now, thanks to social networks, the picture has radically changed! The real market is on your smartphones! On your social networks! Businesses are greatly taking advantage of this atmosphere to promote themselves and sell more!

Among all different platforms, Instagram stands alone because of its unique characteristics, especially when it comes to businesses and advertisements. The statistics show there are more than one billion people out there who are followers Instagram! They might be interested in entertaining aspects of Instagram, but no one would deny the fact that almost half of these people have a tendency to buy on Instagram! Businessmen know this and take advantage of this unique opportunity by putting advertisements on Instagram!

What are Instagram advertisements (Instagram ads)?

Compared to other concepts and definitions, this one is more technical and requires to be expressed precisely. has presented one of the best and practical definitions of Instagram ads I have ever seen. Here it is: Instagram ads are posts or Stories that a business pays to promote to users’ Instagram feeds. They can look just like regular Instagram posts but are always identified by a “Sponsored” label. They can also include a call-to-action button to drive traffic or conversions.

How can we create ads on Instagram?

There are basically three ways, in which an ad can be built and shown to the audience:

– One way is to create directly from Instagram. Keep this in mind that this option would be practical if you have changed your profile into a professional account.

– Running a Facebook page is another way of putting ads on Instagram.

– Creating ad campaigns in Ads Manager: this acts as a tool to help you create your ad.

What are Instagram impressions? How is it separated from reach?

Impressions and reach are two of the most important parameters in analyzing the success of an advertisement on Instagram. Impressions are basically the whole number of times any posts or Stories are seen by users. Be careful, if one unique username watched an ad for 120 times, the impression would tell you that the ad has seen 120 times. This measure doesn’t take the uniqueness of the users into account. In contrast, reach only shows the number of unique users who view an ad. Impressions, if everything goes fine, must lead to more likes and comments.

The more impressions you get, the more successful you become

So, how can we combine Instagram Impressions with Instagram Ads to get the best results? For answering this question we must know how to set up an Instagram ad. Here are the steps you should take before running an Instagram ad:

– Two of the most important things: 1) business profile, 2) a budget. If you have those, you are good to go. So, be aware that running an Instagram ad costs for you.

– Then choose the post you wish to advertise.

– Next, there is a tap called promote under any of your posts. Tap promotes under the post you have chosen.

– Now, you have to decide how you want the audience to receive your ad. Profile? Website? Storefront? Or direct messages?

– It is recommended to choose Automatic selecting target audience. Instagram does it wisely!

– The final step is to choose your budget. Instagram will estimate for you how many impressions you are probably going to get with the announced budget. Once you’ve done the payment, you are ready to go!

Two subtle points

– Don’t be tightfisted! The more money you invest, the better result you will get! That’s for sure!

– Don’t be impatient! You shouldn’t expect anything magical overnight! Impressions will get better and better gradually.




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