How to Keep Your Instagram Private Control Your Digital Footprint

How to Keep Your Instagram Private Control Your Digital Footprint

How to Keep Your Instagram Private Control Your Digital Footprint


A Private Instagram Account

How to Keep Your Instagram Private Control Your Digital Footprint: If you are reading this, it means that you are part of a social media that grows exponentially, known as Instagram. Instagram is a social networking service that you can use to share your photos and videos. Now, you may have hundreds of Instagram followers that you are not officially friended with in real life. You may have someone in your followers stalking you.

Fear that strangers may stalk you can get worse considering the fact that approximately 200 million users are active, monthly and they can discover other users through the Explore tab. Fortunately, Instagram has provided some methods to provide privacy on the Instagram account, making your feeling safer. Here are the tips!

  • Separating Facebook Account from Instagram

How to Keep Your Instagram Private Control Your Digital Footprint: If you link your Facebook to your Instagram account, your Facebook content can appear on Instagram too and vise versa. For privacy problems, we recommend that you unlink your Facebook profile. Facebook gives you the ability to connect with friends and families. However, you may have strangers as your Instagram followers.

To unlink Facebook, follow this instruction:

Page of Your Instagram → Hamburger Icon on the Top Right Corner → Settings → Linked Accounts → Facebook → Unlink button

  • Choose Close Friends

As we mentioned above, hundreds of followers can follow you on Instagram. For this privacy problem, Instagram gives you the ability to create your list of close friends on Instagram with whom you can share your stories.

Follow this instruction for using this feature:

Hamburger Icon on your Page → Close Friends Option → Under the Your List tab, you can add or remove your close friends. You can also use suggestions made by Instagram depending on the number of interactions with a user.

After this, a green option will appear before publishing a new story.

  • Activity Status

You are probably on Instagram for just uploading contents and commenting and you don’t want some creeps to learn about times that you have been online. Or you only use direct messages for sharing data with your friends. To this end, We suggest that you manage your activity status. You can follow the instructions given below:

Hamburger Icon on your Page → Settings → Activity Status

  • Comments

How to Keep Your Instagram Private Control Your Digital Footprint : Unfortunately, not all of the Instagram followers have good intentions and may send negative comments and spam on your pictures and videos. Researches show that these comments can hurt individual, emotionally. We recommend that you choose who to write comments on your content, prohibiting some users, and allowing the rest. You can also filter offensive comments or spams by adding specific keywords.

Follow this instruction for activating this feature:

Hamburger Icon on your Page → Settings → Comment Controls

  • Location

For privacy issues, we suggest that the Instagram application should not be given permission to use the location which is one of the crucial information only related to you. For deactivating this feature, follow the instructions given below:

IOS: Settings → Privacy → Location Services

Android: Settings → Security → Location

Digital Footprint

In my opinion, what I am going to describe is one of the things that users of the internet are most terrified of. That is called Digital Footprint. If you heard of it, then that is why you are here and you are eager to manage it. But if you haven’t heard of this phrase, let me give you a definition.

What will you think if I told you that everything you search for on the internet remains on the internet? Right, terrifying! Internet keeps records of the activities, searches, personal information on websites, photos and videos uploaded-online, etc.

Fortunately, there are some tools you can manage your online content. Here we have mentioned some:

  • Google

What is the best way to find about yourself? Just google yourself. Trust me. You will be surprised when you find so much about yourself. Or the opposite. You may get upset when you find nothing. It depends on you.

  • Accounts

How many social media platforms do you have? How many do you use? And how many don’t? The first thing you must do is to create a list of these accounts. Not just those you are active on. All of them!

Next, delete those that you haven’t used for a while now and you no longer need them. There are some applications you can choose from for this end. One of them is the application “Pocket” or previously known as “Read It Later”.

  • Sharing

I am pretty sure that you are using at least one social media platform. Do you want to avoid (How to Keep Your Instagram Private Control Your Digital Footprint)? Are you trying to avoid sharing your privacy with the world? I am talking about sharing private data e.g., usernames, aliases, passwords, last names, pictures, addresses, and other crucial information.

The answer to the above question is don’t share everything or don’t overshare.

  • Linked Accounts

Whatever website you are just registered in, you must not link your other social media accounts to those websites. If you link both together, you are basically giving permission to use your content, whether you want it or not. To this end, we suggest that you create an alternative e-mail different from yours on social media platforms such as your Instagram page.

  • Search Engines

As we noted, whatever you search is recorded in the website’s databases whether you wanted it or not.

Take Google and Facebook as an example.

  • Unfortunately, Facebook record every information that you have uploaded, whether it is useful or not.
  • Google also uses a similar approach. If you sign in with a certain g-mail, your every action such as web browsing will be recorded. It also records the keywords that you frequently use. So, be careful about what you are searching for.

We suggest that you use other types of “Search Engine”. Even though Google is the most known Search Engine, it is not the only one. Yes, it may take time for you to get used to them but it can be very useful for protecting users’ browsing privacy.

Aside from the above-mentioned tips for keeping Instagram page private and controlling digital footprint, other suggestions we can make in this regard. However, because of the limited space, we leave them for another article. Hope that these tips were helpful.

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