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How to Make a YouTube Video Go Viral

How to Make a YouTube Video Go Viral


How to Make a YouTube Video Go Viral : What does “viral” mean? In internet terms, viral phenomena are a set of files (clips, pictures, texts, etc) shared on the internet environment e.g., websites or social media (such as Instagram, Tweeter, etc). After being shared on the internet, they can spread so quickly being extensively accepted and popular among users. It can be good for business. Take the example of Instagram. The more a video or photo is viewed, the more the Instagram follower and the more the person popular will be.

In today’s society, about half of the world’s population uses the internet and access social media on their phones, laptops, tablets, etc. Therefore, the more people view the content by sharing on e-mails, direct messages, the more the possibility of content going popular and viral will be. Which contents are considered popular? Those with at least 100,000 views. However, it is unclear which factors can be utilized to predict the number of views.

Consider the example of YouTube. It is one of the websites providing a free environment to watch videos and it is considered to be a modern method for marketing a business, service, or product. However, for a video to go viral a lot of work and effort must be done. Here, some of the most applicable tips have been provided in this regard:

1. Search for Right Keywords

You should search for the words that people often search them for finding a related video. From this, you can choose your area of work. What do people mostly search for? One of the most used approaches for finding keywords is ‘Rank Tracker’. By following simple steps, you can find detailed information on keywords in no time. The next step is to choose a proper name for your video.

Some tips for writing the name are as follows:

  • Make use of the proper keywords.
  • Make use of video titles that stimulate emotions;
  • Make sure that the right combination for names attracts the audience’s attention.

2. Mostly-Used Devices

How to Make a YouTube Video Go Viral : What devices are used regularly by users to access YouTube? Smartphones or laptops. Based on estimations done by YouTube, most of the users have access to smartphones for watching the videos. So, making special videos for smartphones based on the screen resolution and OS is recommended.

3. Sharing on Social Media

Unfortunately, uploading a video will not just be enough. We recommend that you create various channels for your videos on social media applications. As we mentioned above, the more a video or photo views, the more the Instagram follower and the more popular the person will be. This will, in turn, improve the number of your video views. The most highly used social media applications are Facebook, Tweeter, Google Plus, WhatsApp, and Pinterest.

4. Write a Proper Description for Your Video

Once you uploaded a video on your YouTube channel, the next thing is to write a description for the video. For the description (less than 300 words), you should use a combination of keywords and expressions related to the video. Also, you should add more detail to your channels on YouTube, Instagram, and other social applications to gain more followers and subscribers.

The above-mentioned tips are easy to use for gaining more traffic on to your channel and making more subscribers. Being a YouTuber, making a video go viral on YouTube and social applications e.g., Instagram can be a tough job. So, you should make long-term goals. We recommend you to gain more information for this end.

The common mistake while starting their channel is this mindset that making a video is enough for someone to step into pioneers’ shoes that came before. We say ‘no’. You are starting something new in your career so you must learn first. Education is required. You may need to learn from leaders. Or else, you may fail right from the start.

Here, final tips we can mention:

  1. On a daily basis, hundreds of videos are watched on Instagram, Facebook, and tweeter. So, don’t forget to use this for your benefit.
  2. Ask your subscribers and Instagram followers to share your content and even follow your channel. You can do it at the beginning or end of the video. You cannot imagine how celebrities use this method to gain more followers. Mark our word. You will be surprised.
  3. Lastly, you can talk with the most influencers in your area of work or make an interview with them to gain more information. You can use social applications like Google Hangouts, Skype, Instagram Live Chats, etc.
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