How to Tag Someone on Instagram | What is tagging?

How to Tag Someone on Instagram

How to Tag Someone on Instagram


How to Tag Someone on Instagram : Let’s start our essay with some facts about Instagram. Instagram is very engaging, entertaining, and funny! That’s obvious! But not all people on Instagram are looking for having fun! They are basically there to start their business, adsorb the audience, and thrive! According to, there are currently more than 25 million business profiles that are greatly active in many countries. A big portion of those one billion Instagram users is between 18-29 years old! What does that mean? It means businesses with any size could thrive! The people in this range have the greatest tendency to buy and consume after all, don’t they? Interestingly, teenagers also consider Instagram as the most important social network. The interactions happen extremely fast and efficiently between users, mostly by sharing more than 95 million videos and pictures per day which are very appealing to people’s eyes! Did I say enough? The bottom line is if you are thinking of thriving as a business, Instagram is the best possible option you could ever have!

What is Instagram features?

Since Instagram has launched in 2013, it has been updating itself by adding new features. Currently, there are more than 15 different features you could use. These features include image editing, private messaging, commenting, @mentions, push notifications, group messaging, filters, video editing tools, text & drawing tools, live video streaming, stories feature, disappearing photos & videos, search functionality, and public & private profiles.

Among these features, location and user tagging and hashtags are extremely influential in promoting and advertising more efficiently. So what are these features? And how are they helping us?

What is tagging?

One of Instagram’s most interesting features provided by Instagram has been the ability forHow to Tag Someone on Instagram ! Including locations and product tagging. In this way, brands can employ a novel way of reaching an involved audience. Instagram helps the audience to find their favorite creators for inspiration more efficiently and easily. In fact, buying a particular product from a specific brand becomes more convenient.

Tagging happens when you are trying to introduce another Instagram account or brand and its products in your posts. Or you might have visited a very interesting touristic place while you were traveling and want to recommend it to others. So, you are helping other accounts to get visibility via your own page.

Different types of Instagram tagging

Instagram tagging is going to be used in three different ways, including hashtags, mention/account tag, location tag, and product tag.


What does Hashtag do? They simply make a word or phrase discoverable. In this way, other followers can search for this and then follow the relevant pages. For example, you are promoting people to buy LED TVs on your page. You share a post on it and in the caption use hashtag like #LED_TV. Then, other people who are interesting in buying LED TV will search for this phrase and reach your post. Finally, they can decide whether to follow you or give you a like or even comment on your posts. So, hashtags are nothing more than a sign # and a word or phrase. Or maybe you are encouraging people to buy food from a specific followers Instagram page for thanksgiving. You can just use #thanksgiving or #celebration to get visibility.

Mentions/account tags

This is very similar to hashtag, but you use @ instead of #. Why is that? Because here you are trying to promote a person. You can mention people in a comment or in the caption. For example, you have seen on the news that one famous celebrity has worn a dress from a brand you are promoting. Here, you can post something related to that brand and then mention that famous celebrity using @username to let her know somebody is promoting the brand she has worn. Sometimes, they mention you too which is awesome!

Also, it is possible to tag people on photos, videos, and Stories. For example, you share a picture and give a happy birthday to a famous soccer player. Then, you tag that soccer player in your content. They usually don’t notice it since they get these things a lot, but sometimes it’s working and they react to your post. What is more exciting than Cristiano Ronaldo reacting to your happy birthday! Right?

Location and product tagging

You can do the same with products and locations. You can add a location to your content. This is very useful for businesses because they can adsorb the local audience by tagging and saying Hey, look! We are close to you! Come and buy it from us! Tagging products is not an exception too.

Finally, tagging will boosts engagement, gives more exposure to your brand, and creates a community! Use it wisely and have fun with it. I hope you enjoyed this!

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