How to use Instagram Everything You Need to Know

How to use Instagram Everything You Need to Know

How to use Instagram Everything You Need to Know


How to use Instagram? Everything You Need to Know : Instagram may sound like a simple app, in which you only upload pictures and hope for the likes to come floating around everything you share. However, it is far more influential; several brands use it to exponentially extend their presence and many people make their living entirely on Instagram. Such members are considered as Influencers, and one of the main moves towards becoming an effective influencer is to get to recognize the ins & outs of this amazing app. This Instagram beginner’s guides focus concisely at all the opportunities that Instagram provides to its members.

Instagram Profile

The profile page is just the place to showcase all your content. You find your profile picture on the top left. On the right, you see how many updates you have already shared with your account and how many followers you have attracted and how many people you follow. Underneath you see the ‘edit profile’ icon, that you can make adjustments to the profile, such as modification of profile image, username, profile name, website, bio, and so on. It is the only position users could attach a URL link.

Instagram Sections and Utilities

1-Image Posts

How to use Instagram Everything You Need to Know / Photo posts seem to be the most regularly published posts on the network, including 95 million uploads daily. Photographs were expected to be square earlier, but that’s not the case, anymore. You can post vertical/portrait pictures with 4:5 ratios, landscape/horizontal objects with 16:9 ratios, and anything in between. The photos will also be shown as a square in your profile preview; this might be noted when publishing.


There have been substantial improvements to your photos that are pre-set. They would be used to produce some certain ‘style’ on almost all of the posts, or just to render things shine. Users don’t have to use a filter; however, most of the Instagram photos are simply uploaded without a filter.


The Picture Definition: you may include script, emoticons, links to several other hashtags & profiles. Nevertheless, every URL you use, will not hyperlink your posts; this implies somebody has to copy/paste it manually into a browser. Users might use up to 30 Hashtags in their captions to maximize the likelihood of finding the posts.


Geographical locations are mainly the places that the photographs were captured.


A user will be informed when has been tagged (@username) by someone and the object will be apparent in the user’s profile in the ‘tagged’ section. When you are tagged in a post, you can withdraw the tag; so it will not appear on your profile anymore.

Multiple Image Posts

These are called carousel posts, slideshows, or multiple photographs. The name sets it off; these would be multi-image entries. Users could swipe sideways to go through all the different videos and photos while browsing them on Instagram. They are beneficial when exhibiting a variety of photographs and for retaining the audience. This is one of the most popular ways of sharing content on the app.

2- Video Posts

How to use Instagram Everything You Need to Know / Instagram videos could have a minimum one-minute duration and should meet the ratio and dimensions of the clip. These videos would instantly be played when a user hovers over and behave like regular photos in followers’ feeds.

3- Stories

Stories are also another form of content-sharing. In general, unlike posts, users might get along with posting several stories day after day. Stories vanish from the profile in 24 hours; unless you add them to your highlights. Videos can only last up to 15 seconds in your story but you can have as many as you want.

4- IG TV

IG TV is a place to share videos in lengths of 15 seconds to 10 minutes. Nevertheless, certain verified and accounts who have lots of followers may upload videos up to 60 minutes.

5- Direct Messages

Instagram direct seems to be simply the Instagram designed messaging service. It is the quickest and easiest way to get in private with another Instagrammer.

6- Following & Followers


If you’d like to view the upcoming posts by some users, so you should follow them. In their profile, easily tap on the blue ‘follow’ button. After following, a list of related accounts may also emerge beneath that may be of interest.


Followers Instagram  are people who seek to follow your forthcoming posts & stories. When you don’t intend your account to be public, that implies everyone can monitor you, navigate to the profile, push the Three dots in the top right corner and scroll downwards to find “Privacy Account”, then activate “Private Account.”

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