Ten Insanely Creative (And Easy!) Instagram Story Ideas

Ten Insanely Creative (And Easy!) Instagram Story Ideas

Ten Insanely Creative (And Easy!) Instagram Story Ideas


Ten Insanely Creative  Instagram Story Ideas : You might have started creating profiles on Instagram many years ago and got disgusted by it recently. Why? Because it is wasting your time! You just scroll up and down different Instagram pages and wonder why you are doing this! At first, it has been a hobby for you, but now you are looking for something more useful, engaging, and interesting.

What are Stories on Instagram?

Instagram realized this and started innovating additional ways of expressing yourself on your Instagram page. The story is one of those innovations, designing to be more engaging, attracting, and appealing to your followers. What is a Story by the way?

OK! This is what I think of a Story on Instagram! Imagine this scenario! You are walking on the sidewalk and enjoying your day, suddenly you see a cat feeding a very weak puppy! You get so emotional and decide to share this moment with your followers, but you haven’t dressed properly and worn makeup. You don’t want your followers to get a bad impression of you but like to share this moment with them. This is where the Story can help you! The story is not going to be shown to your follower forever and after a while, it will be disappeared from your page. So, you can share your funny, romantic, and emotional experiences with your followers without worrying about looking not very sexy or classy in that experience! In fact, you let your followers get to know you behind all those makeups and fancy clothes! I mean you become a believable character in their eyes.

Ten Insanely Creative Instagram Story Ideas

It does not matter if you are a businessman, a football player, a hairdresser, or just an ordinary person. You can use Story to have more instagram followers  and engage with them more realistically. Here are 10 creative Instagram story ideas:

1-  Use polls:

 in this way, you can get to know your followers. For example, if you are a make-up artist who advertises different beauty products brands, asking them some questions to find out which brand the majority of your followers would prefer by conducting a poll helps you to direct your advertising contents.

2- Educate your followers:

Be informative! You can ask simple questions and let your followers answer them. It would create an opportunity to post something related to your story and start a discussion. For example, if you are running a historical page, ask simple questions like when did this even happened and when the other happened.

3- Use GIFs:

 using GIFs make your Stories much more exciting. It is very useful, especially when your Stories are about something dynamic like a basketball game or a dancing competition, etc.

4- Use text:

 the colorful text is very helpful to create contrast and adsorb people’s attention.

5- Be personal:

 doodling around the edges in your stories makes them unique and lovely. For example, when you notice something very delicate and hidden in an image, doodling around that makes it so bright for everybody else.

6- Show them where you are:

 if you are promoting people to visit touristic attractions of a city in your country, add a location to your stories. This might persuade them to check out that place if they are close enough!

7- Take advantage of other apps:

thanks to the insatiable tendency of people in creating a new app, Stories could be even more interesting. There are several apps dedicated to making Stories as good-looking and interesting as possible. StoryArt, Unfold, Canva, and Adobe Spark are some of the most popular apps designed for creating Stories.

8-  Add links:

 adding links to your Stories is one of the best and efficient of promoting other websites or people. You can briefly introduce your followers to a subject by writing one or two sentences about it and adding an image in your Stories and then invite them to swipe up and find out more about your Stories.

9-  Use a countdown:

 sometimes, you want to promote and heat up an event like a lecture, conference, opening sales, and ceremony. By applying countdown into your Stories, you gradually direct your followers to a specific occasion.

10- Embrace tagging:

It is going to be definitely a win-win situation for you who has been tagged in one profile’s page and the owner of that page. In this way, both sides get awareness and promoted.

There are a lot of other fantastic Story ideas! Just google it and use them!


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