The most popular similar apps on Instagram || An alternative to Instagram

The most popular similar apps on Instagram

The most popular similar apps on Instagram

The most popular similar apps on Instagram. In this article, we are going to take a look at similar Instagram apps that are popular

Why we use social media?

The most popular similar apps on Instagram – Social media has created an opportunity for people to communicate more and share ideas and information across the globe. The COVID-19 pandemic showed us how important social media are for us. During the time that everybody should stay home and try to minimize human contact, social media works very well to stop the economic collapse. People stayed at home but also did their work and use social media so as not to get crazy over isolating themselves at home.

Social media platforms are in a real war! Every one of them tries to get more followers and convince businesses to advertise in them. Applications like Instagram are exceptional in terms of fast growth, financial transactions, and dynamic nature. It is not considered as giants of social media, but there are other apps too! Although they are not as popular and efficient as those giants, it doesn’t mean they are not optimistic to experience a huge growth as it happened to Facebook and Instagram and maybe one day they become giant too.

Here, we are going to introduce you to less-known apps available across the globe. Keep that in mind that their popularity varies from country to country.

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1-     Flickr

– American image hosting and video hosting service

– Available in ten languages

– Founded in Canada in 2004

– two types of accounts: Free and Pro

– home to 10 billion images

– more than 112 million users from 63 countries


2-     Imgur

– American online image sharing community

– Launched in 2009

– overtook other image hosts such as Photobucket, ImageShack, and TinyPic in 2013

– Imgur crosses 100 million monthly active users.


3-     Pinterest

– Social networking service

– Founded in 2009

– Alexa rank 150

– more than 320 million monthly active users

– 28% of marketers are already using Pinterest

– Interestingly, 79% of users are female

– More than 80% of users purchase a product they pinned

– More than 85% of women users use it to plan life moments

– More than two-thirds of users use Pinterest to buy accessories, watches, and jewelry

4- Tumblr

– 6% of people who regularly surfed the net used it in 2012.

– Is very populated among young adults between 18 to 29 years old

– No gender inequality in term of the number of users

– Well-educated people from the urban area usually dominate in Tumblr

– the platform had 472 million registered accounts in 2019


5- Retrica

– Very exciting for people who are crazy about taking pictures with their smartphone camera

– Has many diverse sets of filters and features


6- Flipgram

– photo video editor with free music for amazing slideshow movies

– 14 million Flipgrams created monthly

– Number of daily video views on Flipagram is four billion

– Number of Flipagram video stories that have been created is half a billion

– 1000 people verified as artists

– Net worth: $70 million


7-     Cluster

– gives you a private space for sharing photos and memories


8-     We Heart It

– image-based social network

– We Heart It ranks 754 in Alexa’s global traffic rank

– It became a mobile app in 2014

– We Heart It announced a video content partnership with Popular TV in 2014

– is as one of the 10 Happiest Places On The Internet according to The Huffington Post

– is chosen as one of Google Play’s Best Apps of 2013 and 2015


9-     Muzy

– Over 20 million people use Muzy

– A favorite creative tools for photos, collages, and status messages

– Framing your pics with dozens of classic layouts

– Adding effects to any photo to make them vintage, sepia, black and white



10-  VSCO

– photo-sharing app

– quite popular with high schoolers

– restricted to users 13 years of age and older

– does not have like or comment features

– 20 million weekly active users

– 2 million paying VSCO users

– Users also can’t see who is following them

– have a more “artistic” feel than Instagram or other photo-sharing apps


11-  Facebook

– 1.59 billion users

– 47% of Facebook users only access the platform through mobile

– adds 500,000 new users every day

– six new profiles every second

– Founded in 2004

– 48,268 employees

I hope you enjoyed this essay. Of course, there are a lot of other appس you might find interesting! What are you waiting for? start searching!


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